Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Peek into Torino

Ciao tutti!

I'm sorry that this has taken so long, but I guess it means I'm enjoying myself over here. Or I'm just really slow at editing pictures....probably both. I'm a little behind in posts, so just bear with me please.

Two weekends ago, my friend Lily and I decided to go to Torino for a day. Torino is just a short two hour train ride away from Milan, so thankfully it didn't require much coordination or planning. Which I have found is rather tiring. 

So. Here are the highlights:
Apparently the largest Ancient Egyptian collection, outside of Cairo, is interestingly located in Torino. Who knew? So, of course, being the nerds that we are (Lily goes to Yale, which makes her much much more nerdy than me :) ) we had to go. IT WAS AWESOME:

An actual Mummy. I promise it's real. And gross.

Books of the Dead, which were numerous and extremely interesting:

As most tourists do in beautiful cities, we also wandered around taking pictures of the amazing architecture. This is another museum:

And a view of a stunning piazza:

The church where the Shroud of Turin is kept. It is currently undergoing some type of preservation and won't be displayed for a few years:

Yet another beautiful church, where Lily and I sat on the steps and admired the view:

And, of course, I  had some gelato. I'm seriously considering starting a gelato blog as well. Pistachio and a delicious blend of pear and berries:

ALL of my pictures of Torino are located on my "Photos" page, which you can access at the top of the page. 


Also, to keep you all updated on my travel plans: spring break begins next weekend!!! I am spending a few days in Prague and then meeting my friend Sherilyn in Naples, where we are catching a ferry to Palermo, Sicily. We will be exploring the Sicilian countryside (and also soaking in some sun on the Mediterranean beaches!!) for about a week, then I have some studying to do for midterms. SO EXCITED. For the trip, not the exams. Obviously. Just one more week of classes to get through! 


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