Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prep for Fashion Week

As some of my fashionista friends already know, Fashion Week began yesterday here in Milano. I have yet to venture downtown, but I'd imagine the Fashion District and the area around the Duomo are packed with amazingly-dressed people. To get myself into the high-fashion mindset for this week's activities, I took a trip to the Golden Triangle, three famous streets where all of the famous boutiques are located in Milano. Although I wasn't the only person taking touristy pictures of all of the shops, I felt quite ashamed doing so and tried to hide my camera as much as possible. So here are the spoils: 

Decorations for Valentine's Day. We all know the best way to win over a woman's heart is to shower them with boxes of Versace and Burberry! 

And the award for best display goes to.....

Apparently, owning one of the most profitable high-fashion companies isn't enough for Armani. He also needs to own a hotel and a cafe. 

Who said homeless people aren't smart? This one is conveniently positioned in front of an Aston Martin. Tricky tricky. 

Since I don't have class on Fridays, my only plan for tomorrow is to go downtown and take pictures of people. The biggest shows are invite only, but I'm sure I'll still be able to see some awesome things. Here is a schedule, for those who care a bit about fashion:

Expect some fun pictures soon!



  1. eeek I'm so excited for you! that's going to be so fun! love the storefronts. The Golden Triangle was all decked out for Christmas when I was there. Where the hearts are, they had hundreds of icicle lights strung up. :)

    1. Oh that's so cool! The Valentines Day decorations in all of the store fronts were so adorable, but I bet the ones for Christmas were over the top!